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Service Step by Step

Step 1 Contact Dentist in Prague

You can contact our consultants on the phone, via email, chat, skype.

Step 2 Provide us with the details of your dental condition.

In you message write about the treatment you guess you may need or describe what is the dental problem. The more details you provide, the better solution we can propose. If you enclose an x-ray our dentist can preapre an initial treatment plan based on the picture.

Step 3 Book your travel to Prague

On our website you will find help in booking you flight to Prague. If you need any assistance, contact our consultants.

Step 4 Choose your accommodation

Book a hotel for your stay in Prague. On our website we publish some recommended accommodation in the city center.

Step 5 Confirm your reservation

Inform us about the dates of your stay in Prague. Confirm you dental appointment scheduled by our consultant.

Step 6 Travel to Prague

The final step is you arrival in Prague.