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Teeth Whitening in Prague

Teeth whitening

Treatment Description:

Why are the professional methods of Teeth Whitening Prague in a dental office better than the whitening materials available on the market?

Before starting teeth whitening nbsp]a patient should be carefully examined to make a diagnosis explaining the cause and degree of the discoloration. Therefore, only a dentist is competent enough to choose the appropriate method of whitening or to abandoned the treatment due to contraindications. Teeth Whitening products available in shops or online, include standard teeth overlays that may not be well suited to each type of dentition. This means that there is a risk of uneven effect of the whitening , gum irritation or ingestion of large amounts of whitening gel. Uncontrolled by a doctor, bleaching can lead to damage of the tooth.

Can anybody be a candidate for Teeth Whitening?

In general, teeth whitening is possible in every case, when dealing with healthy teeth, regardless of the number of existing fillings. The fillings can be replaced after the whitening, since fillings will not get whitened. Teeth Whitening is not recommended in case of pregnant women and nursing mothers. In addition, treatment is contraindicated in patients allergic to any of the whitening ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide. Smokers can not smoke cigarettes during the teeth whitening. The treatment is also not recommended in cases of major damage to the enamel.




How long will the effects of Teeth Whitening last?

In most cases the first effects can be seen already in two days. Using 10% carbamide peroxide, the result is achieved after 2-3 weeks. When you choose a concentration of 15%, you should wait 10-14 days for the effect. The effectiveness of whitening depends primarily on the type of discoloration and the tooth structure.

The result remains visible for a period of 2 to several years.

Why do I feel teeth hypersensitivity after the teeth whitening?

The symptoms of hypersensitivity after whitening are associated with dehydration. Whitening gels contain glycerin, which absorbs a certain amount of water from the tissues. Pain can be eliminated or mitigated by the use of fluorine compounds. Total rehydration of the tooth will occur after 2 weeks after the whitening completion.

Does Teeth Whitening abroad damage enamel?

A lot of research results have been published on this topic. Modern whitening methods do not cause damage to your teeth. It is a fact for both enamel and dentin - in case of both dead and living teeth. Modern teeth whitening does not make teeth become more susceptible to caries, or more fragile.

After Treatment:

For 24 hours to 3 days after the treatment do not smoke, avoid also coloring food and beverages like coffee. It is also recommended to use whitening toothpaste.