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Dental Bridges

Treatment Description:

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental Bridge restores the lost teeth by attaching the crown to adjoining teeth. The bridge consists of two prosthetic crowns on both sides of the gap, which serve as pillars (support). In the span of the bridge, there is a crown/s suspended just above the gum. This solution is effective for up to three missing teeth together.

What are the cases, when the cheap dental bridge is recommended?

Dental bridge is performed in the following cases:

- to prevent movement of teeth in the gaps, as a natural method of space closure after a missing tooth.
- to avoid loss of jaw bone
- to prevent gum disease and tooth decay caused by the accumulation of residual food in the places of the missing teeth.
- to recover the correct bite with the appropriate distribution of forces during chewing.




What are dental bridges made from?

Dental brides are made of the same materials as dental Crowns, and it includes:

- porcelain fused-to-metal bridge
- full ceramic bridge
- composite bridge

Bridges Abroad, which are installed on implants, include:

- porcelain bridges
- full ceramic bridges

Treatment Time:

First Visit: Preparation of the teeth, taking impressions

Second Visit: initila fitting of the bridge

Third Visit: installation of the bridge

After Treatment:

You do not have to take any special care of the dental bridge, however you should remember abour daily oral hygiene to prevent decay. Brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day.