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Dental Fillings

Dental Filling

Treatment Description:

What is a dental filling?

Dental fillings are a way of a dental restoration, used to fix fractures and cavities. The white dental fillings are placed into the tooth cavity, usually after the tooth is purified from caries. There are different types and colors of dental fillings abroad. The most common are composite fillings, since they match the color of the remaining tooth. Metal Fillings used to be popular in the past, but dentists resign from installing them because of aesthetics reasons.




Which fillings last longer?

Usually, the gold or silver fillings last the longest period of time. They are very durable but do not look good especially in the front teeth. Composite fillings are therefore recommended for the front teeth, however they are more expensive.

What is inlay/onlay?

Inlay and Onlay are installed into the tooth by the use of cement. It is a kind of a filling which is prepared to order. The installation takes a bit longer, since the filling is prepared based on impressions taken from the patient.

Are fillings abroad durable?

Durability of a cheap dental fillings depends on the material it is made from. Sometimes fillings should be removed after 5-10 years, the need is usually indicated by the pain. However, some dental fillings can last for decades if you keep good oral hygiene.

Treatment Time:

30-60 minutes

After Treatment:

Dental Fillings should be taken care of just like your natural teeth. Remember about flossing and brushing to ensure long durability of the fillings.