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Treatment Description:

What are Dentures ?

Prosthesis is an artificial creation, which replaces the lost fragment of an organ, but it is not a part of a living organism. Dental prostheses in Prague are used in dentistry to reconstruct missing teeth. They are made​of metals or their alloys.

Why do I have to reconstruct the missing teeth?

Any loss of teeth should be immediately completed. Even a single gap may pose a threat to the neighboring teeth. Teeth tend to move in the direction of a gap. This can even lead to further tooth loss. The earlier the prosthesis is performed, the better.




What denture types are available?

Removable dentures are the dentures which are introduced into the oral cavity and removed from it by the patient. These are: skeleton dentures, partial and complete stable prosthesis

- skeleton dentures- performed when the missing teeth are too wide for a bridge. The main part of the skeleton dentures is a metal frame fitted with spikes and thorns, and the metal part is reduced to minimum and the user does not practically feel it. Brackets are used to maintain the prosthesis. And the thorns are to be based on the chewing surfaces of teeth to move forces on the jaw bone.

- partial and complete stable prosthesis- chewing forces are transferred only by the mucous membrane and periosteum of the jaw bone, causing bone overload. This accelerates bone resorption and causes subsidence of the prosthesis making it "too big", and its adhesion to the substrate and stability get worse. Unfortunately, in case of toothlessness, its alternative is expensive implants only.

How can I choose the right prosthetic for me?

The selection of a restoration appropriate for a given patient depends on many factors:
- number of the missing teeth
- quality and quantity of the remaining teeth
- location of the tooth loss
- state of the bone, gums and mucous membranes
- a bite
- age of the patient
- patient's preferences
- the financial capacity of the patient

Will the denture change my appearance?

Modern dentistry allows us to create cheap dentures  which will very closely resemble your natural bite. Your smile may change slightly, but the difference will not be significant.

How long should I wear the denture? Can I sleep with the Denture on?

During the initial period of wearing dentures abroad, you will be probably recommended to wear the Denture all the time, even while being asleep. Once you get used to the prosthesis, you should remove it for nights, to let you gums rest.

After Treatment:

You should remember about taking good care of you denture just like in case of your natural teeth. Brush and floss your denture at least twice a day. On the market there are various types of detergents in powder or pellet form, which dissolved in water clean the denture chemically. Their use is particularly recommended for ill people and patients with physical disability.