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Maxillofacial Surgery Abroad

Jaw Surgery

Treatment Description:

What is Maxillofacial Surgery?

Cheap Jaw Surgery involves the treatment of jaws diseases, soft tissues, salivary glands and temporomandibular joint. The Surgery may also deal with the treatment of fractures of the jaws and the treatment of facial malformations.

What problems can be fixed by the Maxillofacial Surgery ?

Maxillofacial Surgery deals with:

- injuries after accidents
- incorrect setting of the jaw (bone defect)
- malformations
- cancer
- diseases of the temporomandibular joints (arthritis)
- inflammation




Treatment Time:

Surgery usually takes 3-4 hours, however, it depends on an individual case. Patients should stay for a few days in Prague, not to travel directly after the surgery.

After Treatment:

Special care needs to be taken after the Jaw Surgery. Your doctor will inform you about the details, depending on your condition and the surgery type.