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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Treatment Description:

How does the treatment look like?

In the first phase of the treatment, the pulp tissue is removed from the chamber and the root canals. Then the chamber and root canals are carefully purified. Earlier, a small hole in the crown of the tooth is made. (If you have been experiencing severe pain in the tooth, this procedure usually gives a great relief.) If your doctor uses modern methods, the treatment usually requires one visit, but in difficult cases it may require 2 or 3 ones. When the doctor is sure that the tooth is free from infection, the canals and the chamber are filled with dental material that will prevent re-penetration of bacteria into the tooth. Sometimes it is necessary to strengthen the tooth by a root-crown inlay. Then the tooth crown is rebuilt with a composite filling, gold or porcelain inlays, or porcelain or metal crown.

Is Root Canal Treatment performed with microscope better then the traditional Root Canal Treatment?

Thanks to this device we can locate the numerous canals, which are invisible without the microscope, and then carefully treat the whole system of canals. Using a microscope, we can actually look inside the canal and carry out the proper treatment under visual control.




Is the Root Canal Treatment painful?

Most treatments can be done without local anesthesia. If your doctor anticipate the possibility of the emergence of pain, he/she will perform local anesthesia. Sometimes there is temporary irritation of the tissues surrounding the treated tooth. It is usually weak enough that the pain killers available in pharmacies without prescription can ease the pain. If you experience swelling or severe pain, you should immediately contact a dentist.

Will my root canal treated tooth turn black after the treatment?

Modern methods of cheap root canal treatment abroad do not cause discoloration as strong as they used to in the past. The tooth may darken slightly, but it can be corrected by teeth whitening.

Is there any alternative to Root Canal Treatment?

An alternative to endodontic treatment is tooth extraction. Very often, this is a serious dilemma for a patient: whether to remove the tooth quickly and cheaply, or decide on a rather expensive treatment and save the tooth. The final decision is, of course, made by the patient, however, the tooth extraction usually does not solve the problem.

Why do I need re-root canal treatment?

Sometimes the teeth previously root canal treated require re-treatment. The symptom indicating such a need, can be pain. Sometimes it is also visible on X-rays in form of a dark "stain" around the tip of the root. The "Stain" is nothing but bone loss due to incorrect root canal treatment. After careful re-treatment, the bone rebuilds and the changes around the root tip disappear.

Treatment Time:

One visit in case of standard procedure. More complicated cases may require 2-3 visits.