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Tooth Extraction Abroad

tooth extraction

Treatment Description:

When should I have my teeth extracted?

If a tooth is badly damaged, it may be that the restoration methods available in dentistry and prosthetics are impossible. Then the doctor will decide on the removal. Also, advanced periodontal disease, leading to a significant loosening of the tooth and not promising a successful therapy, incline the doctor to decide on extraction. Such a decision is made also in case of dead teeth and sometimes root canal treated teeth. Extractions are usually performed in case of teeth after injuries with a crown or root fractures, as well as impacted and dislocated teeth.




Are there any contradictions against Tooth Extraction?

There are a few cases when tooth extraction abroad should not be performed:

- diseases of the heart and blood vessels
- liver disease
- diabetes
- kidney disease
- rheumatic disease
- hyperthyroidism
- flaws haemorrhagic
- acute infectious diseases
- pregnancy

Is the tooth extraction painful?

Pain after a simple cheap tooth extraction in Prague often does not occur at all. If it occurs, it is usually small and disappears spontaneously within a few hours. In the case of severe complicated tooth extraction, the dentist prescribes the appropriate medication to ensure painless wound healing after tooth extraction.

How does the treatment look like?

The operation is performed by a dentist or an orthodontist. Before pulling out the tooth, the person performing the tooth extraction abroad makes anesthetic injection. If the dentist has to pull more than one tooth or the tooth is rooted, a stronger general anesthesia can be used. The dentist grabs the tooth with pliers and gently tries to swing it, and separate it from the jaw bone and ligaments. Sometimes a tooth is so difficult to remove, that it has to be extracted piece by piece. Sometimes sutures are necessary after the surgery.

Treatment Time:

30-60 minutes. Surgical extraction may last longer.

After Treatment:

After the tooth extraction  you should take special care of your mouth:

- dressing can be removed after 30-40 minutes after the surgery
- 2 hours after the extraction it is not allowed to eat and drink
- on the day of the surgery do not rinse the mouth and avoid hot food and drinks
- in case of pain, use widely available pain medication